We here at Hide Your IP Address software have put together some of the most frequently asked question surrounding the subject of our software and hiding your IP address online.

There is a good chance the answer to your question is below, if not, please contact us and we will get the answer for you as soon as possible!


Install & Setup:

Q. My Antivirus/Spyware program has flagged an alert on Hide Your IP Address?

A. We guarantee our software is malware free. We absolutely use the safest code and have no interest in harming or exploiting our customers in any way. The reason why your Antivirus or other form of Internet security protection might flag Hide Your IP Address as unsafe is because of the way those programs look for system changes. We safely reroute your traffic through our secure servers, and unfortunately some trojans act in this safe manner – thus causing the alert from your protection.

Rest assured, we provide a safe product for your use. You can whitelist us a safe in your program.



Q. What is Hide Your IP Address software?

A. Hide Your IP Address is a cutting-edge program that will allow you to browse the Internet anonymously by protecting your real IP Address and location.

Q. Why should I use Hide Your IP Address?

A. With the ongoing issue of identity theft, web exploits, and malware launched daily – your IP Address stays under near constant attack. People looking to harm you online can easily take your IP Address information that is visible to them and cause harm to you and your name.

Q. Can I Use Hide Your IP Address on more than 1 computer?

A. We made Hide Your IP Address at a super value so you can cover as many computers as needed by ordering a license for each. RIght now, we only support 1 computer per license.

Q. What Network browsing speed can I expect?

A. We support growing speeds up to 2.5 Mb at this time. You should receive a speed up to this amount, but we are always enhancing our network to give our users the best experience. Look for even fast speeds in the coming months.

Q. Is my connection through Hide Your IP Address Encrypted?

A. Yes, it certainly is! All encryptions through our software are encrypted by default!


Q. I have paid but have not received my License Key yet?

A. Your license key will be delivered immediately after your payment clears. This means if you payment clears instantly, then your key will be delivered instantly. Depending on your payment methods and country of origin, some credit cards or PayPal accounts take longer to process than others.

Also, check your SPAM box to make sure our license key email was not delivered to it.

Q. Do you have a free trial I can use to see if I like Hide Your IP Address?

A. Yes! You can download our free trial below:

Download Hide Your IP Address

Q. How can I order Hide Your IP Address right now?

A. Easy! Place your order for our top rated software here:

Order Hide Your IP Address Software


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