Hide My IP

Did you know that when a person visits a web page, the web page’s server keeps track of who visited by logging the IP address of the person’s computer?

You see, an IP address is like an internet finger print! This Internet finger print can be used to trace the location of any computer that is connected to their server for ad tracking. For this reason, some people are concerned about their privacy. Often, major search engines log IP addresses in order to track the browsing habits of their users. By knowing a person’s browsing habits, search engine companies can customize revenue generating advertisements to a particular user. How about using hide my ip software?

In order to understand the dangers of using a hide my IP server, also called a proxy server, then it’s important to know what a proxies server is and what it does if you plan on using one too. In simple terms, a proxies server is a computer that sits between a the computer hosting a site that a user wants to visit and the user himself.

In order to provide adequate service and performance for thousands of users at the same time, a hide my IP server has to have a lot of bandwidth. Bandwidth is expensive. It begs the question. “if bandwidth is expensive and a hide my IP server needs a lot of it, how can they offer it for free?” The answer is that using a hide my IP server isn’t actually “free.” While using a hide my IP server may be tempting, the dangers of using one far outweigh any advantages. not only may a user’s sensitive private information be compromised, but using a hide my IP server can create legal problems for them as well. It is much better and safer for you to use a IP hiding software like Hide IP Pro.

Less criminally motivated individuals create hide my IP servers in order to generate ad revenue. When using the proxies server, a person may be bombarded with pop-up windows and advertisements that may obscure them from viewing the desired web page. More dangerous is using proxies servers set up by hackers. These hide my IP are created for the sole purpose of stealing a user’s vital information.

Using a hacker’s or someone that is up to no good in order to hide my IPĀ  may open up you to identity theft, viruses and more as the proxies server records any information that a person may input on their computer. Or, it may upload viruses which can transmit sensitive data that is stored on a person’s computer. Get safer and stay safer online by protecting your IP address with Hide IP Pro, the best way to hide my IP online!

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